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  • Integrate translation into development process
  • Stay agile. Reach continuous localization

Crowdin is the localization management platform for mobile apps, web, desktop software and related assets.

Localization strategies to choose. Or combine.

Everything You Need to Localize

The web-based Crowdin Translator's Editor provides a full suite of easy to use tools to help translators work as efficiently as possible. Fast job turnaround time is possible as multiple translators can work on the same task simultaneously.
Define translation strategy and workflow, focus on linguistic quality process. Create project glossaries and terminology. Arrange project roles and responsibilities in a project team. Supervise and perform software testing on a localized build, check and report on linguistic, formatting or functional issues.
Reporting is crucial when you are managing any project. With Crowdin's reporting tools you can see how your project translation is going. Keep track of your translators' activity, control the translation quality, calculate the translation cost...
Continuous Localization is the practice where strings for localization appear frequently in the same project, usually closely associated with a Continuous Integration development strategy. With Crowdin you can handle this easily. Reduce integration problems and start developing cohesive software more rapidly.
Crowdin store all previously translated content into a multilingual database. It is therefore not necessary to translate previously translated strings again leaving only a small component needed to be translated manually. Crowdin terminology management solutions allow you to create, store and manage all of your project terminology in one location. (Also we've got a complete TBX support)
Sync your localization files; get fresh translations automatically through our API. Display statistics where needed in your application. We provide a testing method that allows you to test 18 aspects of your application. Specifically, it brings the light to potential problems with localization by replacing localizable strings with text that imitate the characteristics of target languages.

Over 8000 projects localized successfully and the number is growing!


Great customer service, awesome product, and a huge timesaver

We're using Crowdin to translate our iOS and Android app and could not be happier. Great customer service, awesome product, and a huge timesaver. I wish you could translate "awesome translation CMS" in one word, it would translate to "Crowdin".

Edial Dekker

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